Cemetery Preservation

Mt. Holly Cemetery

Preservation Of Arkansas's Historic Cemeteries

Historic cemeteries are important for reasons you may not have considered. They are outdoor museums filled with amazing art and architecture. Cemeteries provide wildlife refuges and are often home to unique plants. And these sanctuaries nestled within urban environments are also places to research, contemplate, or remember the past. Historic cemeteries are often steeped in mystery and, thanks to popular culture, can be seen as frightening places but they are actually beautiful parks ideal for picnicking or strolling just as the original community would have done when the site was built. We encourage you to stop by a historic cemetery near you and spend some time taking in the beauty of these obscure oasis within your city.

As beautiful as these places are, there is a significant threat to historic cemeteries. We encourage you to learn more here:


If you would like to form your own cemetery association or group to support your local historic cemetery here's more info: 


How to form a “Cemetery Friends” nonprofit organization