Southwest Region

1.Caddo Valley Academy Complex 234 Hettie St., Norman, featuring 1924 Caddo Valley Academy Building, 1937 Home Economics Building and 1951 Gymnasium, 05/16/02.
2.Jones School
Linwood and Hobson Aves., Hot Springs, 1913 Neoclassical structure, 05/05/88.
3. Hot Springs High School
Oak St. between Orange and Olive, Hot Springs, 1914 Late Gothic Revival building with 1925 addition, 01/28/88.
4.Malvern Rosenwald School
SW end of Acme St., Malvern, 1929 education structure funded through Julius Rosenwald Fund, 09/28/05.
5.Oak Grove Rosenwald School
Oak Grove Rd. north of Chapel Hill, 1926 Plain Traditional-style school built with Rosenwald Fund assistance, 05/26/04.
6.King Schoolhouse
1 mile E of Hwy. 71, King, 1915 structure with Colonial Revival-style details, 06/20/96.
7.Garrett Whiteside Hall
Jct. of N. Third Ave. and Lockesburg St., Nashville, 1940 single-story frame gymnasium designed in Plain Traditional style with minimal Colonial Revival style influences, 11/21/94.
8. Tollette Shop Building
Town Hall Drive, Tollette, Plain Traditional-style building erected for African-American students in 1932 and funded in part by the Julius Rosenwald Fund, 09/27/03.
9.WPA Gymnasium
127 Hwy. 195 S., Washington, 1940 Works Progress Administration-built structure in Washington Historic District, 06/20/72.
10. Washington Public School
700 Conway, Washington, 1914 Classical Revival-style building in Washington Historic District, 06/20/72.
11. Rosenwald School
Hwy. 26 near Delight, Works Progress Administration-built 1938 frame school linked to philanthropist Julius Rosenwald, 09/17/90.
12. Domestic Science Building
11th and Haddock, Arkadelphia, 1917 Thompson Colonial Revival design, 12/22/82.
13.Peake High School
1600 Caddo St., Arkadelphia, 1928 Craftsman-style building erected with aid of Rosenwald Fund, 01/19/05.
14. Orr School
831 Laurel St., Texarkana, ca. 1880 school attended by African-American ragtime composer Scott Joplin, 07/30/76.
15. Lafayette County Training School
1046 Berry St., Stamps, 1929 Craftsman-style structure built through Julius Rosenwald Fund, 01/20/05.
16. Wortham Gymnasium
Hwy. 200, Oak Grove, 1935 Works Progress Administration-built structure serving black community, 04/19/90.
17. Dallas County Training School High School Building
934 Center St., Fordyce, 1931 Craftsman-style building constructed through Julius Rosenwald Fund, 01/21/04.
18.Kiblah School
County Rd. 192 near Doddridge, 1927 Craftsman-Greek Revival school for historic black community funded with aid of Julius Rosenwald Fund, 11/20/89.
19.Greek Amphitheater
junction of East Lane Dr., E. University St. and Crescent Dr., Magnolia, 1938 open-air amphitheater, 06/01/05.
20. Harvey C. Couch School
NE of intersection of Calhoun Rd. and County Rd. 25, Calhoun, 1928 Craftsman-style structure, 06/08/93.
21.El Dorado Jr. College Building and El Dorado High School Gymnasium
300 S. West Ave., El Dorado, 1905 Neoclassical school and 1940 Works Progress Administration-built gym, 09/13/78 and 11/26/02.