Northwest Region

1. Sulphur Springs Park Reserve Hwy. 59, Sulphur Springs, 1884 park with features from 19th, early 20th centuries, 07/08/99.
2. Sulphur Springs Old School Complex Historic District
512 Black St.,Sulphur Springs, contains 1941 school, 1925 gym and 1949 cafeteria, 02/16/01.
3. Bentonville West Central Ave. Historic District
Between SW A St. and SW G St., Bentonville, 41 structures built 1885-1935, 10/22/92.
4. Bentonville Third Street Historic District
First 2 1/2 blocks of SE 3rd St., Bentonville, structures built between 1885-1926 and including Craftsman, Italianate, Folk Victorian and Stick-style architecture, 11/12/93.
5. Rogers Commercial Historic District
Bounded roughly by Walnut, St. Poplar and 2nd St., Rogers, structures built ca. 1895 to ca. 1938 and featuring styles ranging from Italianate to Art Moderne, originally listed 01/28/88, boundary increased 09/30/93.
6. Gypsy Camp Historic District
Off Hwy. 59, Siloam Springs, eight structures and associated landscape features dating from 1921-28 campground, 01/28/88.
7. Siloam Springs Downtown Historic District
Bounded by Sager Creek on the W, Ashley St. to the N, Madison Ave. to the E, and Twin Springs St. to the S, Siloam Springs, containing 65 commercial and institutional structures built between 1890 and the mid-1940s, 05/26/95.
8. Carl's Addition Historic District
S. College, W. Alpine and S. Wright between Sager Creek and W. Twin Springs Ave., Siloam Springs, 1895-1946 structures in Queen Anne Revival, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Folk Victorian, Tudor Revival and Mediterranean styles, 07/17/97.
9. Shiloh Historic District
Bounded by Spring Creek, Shiloh, Main, Johnson and Mill Sts., Springdale, sites and structures dating from 1830-1930, 08/31/78.
10. Lake Wedington Historic District
Junction of Hwy. 16 and Forest Service Rd. 1750, Savoy, collection of recreational structures built 1936-37 through Soil Conservation Service and Works Progress Administration, 09/11/95.
11. Mount Nord Historic District
Mount Nord Ave., Fayetteville, 1901-1925 residential area, 09/16/82.
12. Washington-Willow Historic District
(as amended) Bounded by College and Olive Aves. and Prospect and Spring Sts., Fayetteville, 1828-1945 residential area, originally listed 05/23/80, boundary increased 03/28/95.
13. Wilson Park (Rock House) Historic District
Bounded by College and Wilson Aves. and Maple and Louise Sts., Fayetteville, historic residential area with buildings dating from 1900-1945, 03/31/95.
14. Eureka Springs Historic District
Most of the area in Eureka Springs, virtually intact late 19th- and early 20th-century health resort community, originally listed 12/18/70, boundary increased 01/29/79.
15. Lake Leatherwood Park Historic District
County Rd. 61, Eureka Springs, ca. 1938 ensemble of recreational structures, 11/24/98.
16. Tall Pines Motor Inn Historic District
Hwy. 62 and Pivot Rock Rd., Eureka Springs, Rustic-style 1947 tourist court, 01/15/99.
17. Harrison Courthouse Square Historic District
Bordered by N. Walnut, W. Ridge, N. Willow and W. Stephenson, Harrison, featuring examples of late 19th and early 20th century commercial architecture, 05/06/99.
18. Rush Historic District
Rush Rd. near Yellville, remains of 1880-1940 zinc mining community, 02/27/87.
19. Buffalo Point
Buffalo National River near Yellville, 1939-41 Civilian Conservation Corps-built structures, 10/20/88.
20. Willmering Tourist Cabins Historic District
Hwy. 65, Silver Hill, ensemble of vernacular cabins built in 1946, 11/15/00.
21. Parker-Hickman Farm Historic District
Buffalo National River at Erbie, 1850s pioneers1 house with associated outbuildings and site features, 08/11/87.
22. Big Buffalo Valley Historic District
Buffalo National River near Ponca, pioneer structures and site features dating to the 1850s, originally listed 07/29/87, amended 11/07/90.
23. Twin Bridges Historic District
County Rds. 11 and 3412, Morrow, pair of 1922 closed-spandrel, concrete-deck bridges, 03/07/94.
24. Devil's Den State Park Historic District
Hwy. 74 near Winslow, cabins and other site features built around 1936 by Civilian Conservation Corps, 06/24/94.
25. Belle Grove Historic District
Bounded by N. 4th, N. 9th, N. B, and N. H Sts., Fort Smith, 1865-1920 residential District
26. West Garrison Ave. Historic District
Bounded roughly by 13th St., N. B St., First St. and Parker Ave., Fort Smith, 1870-1950 commercial District, 04/26/79.
27. Van Buren Historic District
6 blocks of Main St., Van Buren 1880-1900 commercial structures, 04/30/76.
28. Gray Spring Recreation Area/Forest Service Road 1003 Historic District
Forest Service Rd. 1003, Cass vic., picnic area, culverts and road built 1934-35 by Civilian Conservation Corps, 09/11/95.
29. Ozark Courthouse Square Historic District
Bounded by W. Commercial, W. Main, 2nd and 3rd Sts., 1890-1930 vernacular commercial buildings, 12/27/02.
30. Russellville Downtown Historic District
Bounded by W. 2nd St., Arkansas Ave., El Paso St. and the Missouri-Pacific Railroad tracks, Russellville, collection of historic commercial structures built between 1875 and the 1940s, 09/03/96.
31. Spring Lake Recreation Area Historic District
Forest Service Rd. 1602, Stafford vic., 1937 recreational facility built by Works Progress Administration, 09/11/95.
32. Blue Hole Road Historic District
Blue Hole Rd. at Petit Jean State Park, ca. 1935 set of 11 Civilian Conservation Corps-built culverts, a guard rail and a retaining wall, 05/28/92.
33. Cedar Falls Trail Historic District
Adjacent to main access road at Petit Jean State Park,three footbridges and nine sets of stone steps built by the CCC around 1935, 05/28/92.
34. Lake Bailey-Lake Roosevelt Historic District
E and N of Hwy. 154 at Petit Jean State Park, ca. 1935 CCC-built lakes, waterfall, structures, walls and steps, 05/28/92.
35. Morrilton Commercial Historic District
Lying north and south of Broadway in downtown Morrilton, reflecting commercial development between 1880 and 1950, 03/07/03.
36. Damascus CCC Camp #3781 Historic District
West of Camp Hill Road, Damascus, featuring Rustic-style well cover, entrance gate and menu board, 12/31/02.