Southwest Region

D1. Polk County Courthouse, Church Ave. and DeQueen St., Mena, restrained 1939 Art Deco design built through PWA, 11/20/92.

D2. Bee Mountain Fire Tower, Forest Service Rd. 30 NE of Vandervoort, fieldstone and wood building erected by CCC ca. 1938, 10/20/93.

D3. Springs Bathhouse, Dams No. 1 and 2, and Picnic Shelter, Forest Service Rd. 106 NW of Athens, ca. 1936 fieldstone structure built by CCC, 10/20/93.

D4. Tall Peak Fire Tower, Forest Service Rd. 38A NW of Athens, structures built ca. 1938 by CCC, 10/20/93.

D5. Shady Lake Bathhouse, Caretaker’s House, Dam and Picnic Pavilion, County Rd. 64, Athens, ca. 1940 structures built by CCC, 10/20/93.

D6. Norman Town Square, bounded by Hwy. 8, 8th, 7th and Gurdon Sts., Norman, 1935-40 collection of buildings and site features built by WPA, 02/25/93.

D7. Crystal Springs Camp Shelter and Dam, Forest Service Road 177 E of Hwy. 27, Norman, ca. 1935 CCC-built structures, 10/21/93.

D8. Collier Springs Shelter, Forest Service Rd. 177 NE of Norman, ca. 1939 protective shelter built by CCC, 10/20/93.

D9. Womble District Administration House No. 1, N of Hwy. 270 E of Mt. Ida, ca. 1940 frame structure built by CCC, 10/20/93.

D10. Charlton Spillway/Dam and Bathhouse, N of Hwy. 270 W of Crystal Springs, ca. 1938 structures built by CCC, 10/21/93.

D11. Camp Clearfork Historic District, S of Hwy. 270 W of Crystal Springs, featuring a dam, cabins, buildings and a lake constructed ca. 1935 by the CCC, 10/21/93.

D12. Iron Springs Dam and Shelters, Hwy. 7 N of Jessieville, ca. 1933 CCC-built structures, 10/21/93.

D13. Forest Service Headquarters Historic District, S of intersection of Winona and Indiana Sts., Hot Springs, six Plain Traditional-style structures built ca. 1933 by CCC, 10/20/93.

D14. LakeCatherine State Park, off Hwy. 171 at Shorewood Hills, features four cabins and dam built by CCC between 1935 and 1941, 05/28/92.

D15. Arkadelphia Boy Scout Hut, 8th St. in CityPark, 1939 Rustic-style structure built through NYA, 01/28/02.

D16. Rosenwald School, Hwy. 26 near Delight, WPA-built 1938 frame school linked to philanthropist Julius Rosenwald, 09/17/90.

D17. Nashville AmericanLegion Building, Hwy. 27, Nashville, 1933-34 stone CWA structure, 09/13/90.

D18. Howard County Courthouse, Main St., Nashville, 1939 Art Moderne courthouse built by PWA, 06/14/90.

D19. Garrett Whiteside Hall, Jct. of N. Third Ave. and Lockesburg St., Nashville, NYA-built 1940 gymnasium designed in Plain Traditional style with minimal Colonial Revival style influences, 11/21/94.

D20. Nashville Post Office, 220 N. Main, Nashville, 1937 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

D21. Hempstead County Courthouse, NW corner of 5th and Washington, Hope, 1939 Art Deco-style building, 05/19/94.

D22. Wortham Gymnasium, Hwy. 200, Oak Grove, 1935 WPA-built structure serving black community, 04/19/90.

D23. Miller County Courthouse, 400 Laurel St., Texarkana, 1939 WPA Moderne-style design by architect E. C. Siebert, 05/29/98.

D24. Texarkana U. S. Post Office and Courthouse, 5th St. and State Line Ave., Texarkana, 1933 Beaux-Arts structure built with federal assistance, 03/24/00.

D25. Lafayette County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Lewisville, 1940-42 Art Deco-style structure built through WPA, 02/25/93.

D26. El Dorado High School Gymnasium, 300 S. West Ave., El Dorado, 1940 WPA gym designed by John B. Abbot, 11/26/02.