Southeast Region

E1. Lee County Courthouse, 15 Chestnut St., Marianna, 1936 Classical Revival structure built by WPA, 09/07/95.

E2. DeWitt Post Office, 221 W. Cross, DeWitt, 1939 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

E3. Lake Dick, 4 miles S of Altheimer and 1 mile W of Hwy. 88, 1936-38 FSA site, 07/30/75.

E4. Plum Bayou Homesteads, Hwy. 256 at and near Wright, 1935 USRA site, 06/05/75.

E5. Oak Grove School, S of Hwy. 270 W of Sheridan, 1938 frame Craftsman school built by WPA, 06/14/91.

E6. Hall Morgan Post 83 American Legion Hut, 208 Sycamore St., Rison, 1934-35 Rustic-style log structure built through the WPA, 05/19/03.

E7. Federal Building, 20 Magnolia St., Rison, 1940 WPA design shows restrained Art Deco influence, 07/21/00.

E8. Monticello Post Office, 221 W. Gaines St., Monticello, 1937 structure featuring Depression-era sculpture, 08/14/98.

E9. Crossett Experimental Forest Building No. 2, 6 and 8, Hwy. 133 S of Crossett, ca. 1939-40 structures built by CCC, 10/20/93.

E10. Crossett Post Office, 125 Main St., Crossett, 1939-40 design combines International, Art Deco and Greek Revival styles built by FWA, 01/08/03.

E11. Lake Village Post Office, 206 S. Cokley St., Lake Village, 1938 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

E12. American Legion Post No. 127 Building, Cherry and Armstrong Sts., 1934 Rustic-style structure built by WPA, 10/08/92.