Northwest Region

A1. NorwoodSchool, Norwood Rd. and Hwy. 16 SE of Siloam Springs, ca. 1937 cut-stone school built by WPA, 01/28/88.

A2. LakeLeatherwood, County Rd. 61, Eureka Springs, includes 1938-40 CCC-built bathhouse and barbecue pit, 08/12/92; 630-foot long cut-stone dam built 1938-40 by WPA and CCC, 08/12/92; and ca. 1938 ensemble of recreational structures, 11/24/98.

A3. Mulladay Hollow Bridge, County Rd. 61 over Mulladay Hollow Creek, Eureka Springs, two-span masonry arch bridge built by CCC in mid-1930s, 04/06/90.

A4. Berryville Gymnasium, off Freeman Ave., Berryville, 1936-37 WPA-built educational building, 09/10/92.

A5. Berryville Post Office, 101 E. Madison Ave., Berryville, 1938 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

A6. Haggard Ford Swinging Bridge, over Bear Creek 8 miles N of Harrison at Cottonwood Rd., 1938-41 suspension bridge built by WPA, 06/30/95.

A7. ValleySprings School, 1 School St., Valley Springs, 1940 WPA-built structure, 09/10/92.

A8. EvertonSchool, Main St., Everton, 1939 WPA-built structure, 09/10/92.

A9. Aggie Workshop, Hwy. 235 Spur, Bruno,1935 WPA-built educational structure, 09/04/92.

A10. Estes-Williams American Legion Hut #61, Hwy. 62/412, Yellville, 1933 Craftsman/Rustic structure built by CWA, 02/16/01.

A11. Buffalo Point, Buffalo NationalRiver near Yellville, 1939-41 CCC-built structures, 10/20/88.

A12. Cold Springs School, E of Buffalo National River near Big Flat, ca. 1935 Craftsman-style structure built by WPA, 10/20/92.

A13. American Legion Post #131, NW side of Center St., Leslie, ca. 1935 Rustic-style building erected by WPA, 12/02/93.

A14. Newton County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Jasper, 1939 native stone Art Deco structure built by WPA, 12/01/94.

A15. Little Buffalo River Bridge, Hwy. 327 over Little Buffalo River at Parthenon, 1939 concrete tee-beam bridge built by WPA, 05/26/95.

A16. Madison County Courthouse, 1 Main St., Huntsville, 1939 structure with restrained Art Deco design built by FEAPW, 11/19/93.

A17. University of Arkansas Campus, Fayetteville, the 1935 Vol Walker Library, 1939 Student UnionBuilding, 1936 Men’s Gymnasium, 1939 Home EconomicsBuilding, 1934 ChemistryBuilding and 1939 BusinessAdministration Building all were built under the auspices of the ERA or PWA, 09/04/92.

A18. Lake Wedington Historic District, junction of Hwy. 16 and Forest Service Rd. 1750, Savoy, collection of recreational structures built 1936-37 through Soil Conservation Service and WPA, 09/11/95.

A19. Devil's Den State Park Historic District, Hwy. 74 near Winslow, cabins and other site features built around 1936 by CCC, 06/24/94.

A20. Van Buren Post Office, 22 S. 7th St., Van Buren, 1936 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

A21. Mulberry Home Economics Building, Church St., Mulberry, 1939 NYA-built structure, 09/10/92.

A22. Gray Spring Recreation Area/Forest Service Road 1003 Historic District, Forest Service Rd. 1003, Cass, picnic area, culverts and road built 1934-35 by CCC, 09/11/95.

A23. Johnson County Courthouse, Main St., Clarksville, 1938 Classical Revival structure with Colonial Revival influences funded by FEAPW, 06/14/91.

A24. Clarksville High School Building No. 1, Main St., Clarksville, WPA-built, elaborate 1936 Craftsman structure, 09/10/92.

A25. Arkansas Tech University Campus, Russellville, 1934 Caraway Hall, 1937 PhysicalEducationBuilding and 1930 Williamson Hall were all built under the auspices of the FEAPW or WPA, 09/18/92.

A26. Henry R. Koen Forest Service Building, 605 W. Main St., Russellville, Rustic-style 1939 CCC-built structure, 12/21/89.

A27. Russellville Public Library, 114 E. 3rd St., Russellville, 1936-37 Colonial Revival-style, WPA-built structure, 11/20/00.

A28. Riggs-Hamilton American Legion Post No. 20, 215 N. Denver Ave., Russellville, ca. 1935 stone structure built by the WPA, 08/15/94.

A29. Fair View School, 22367 Mill Creek Rd., Russellville, 1938 WPA-built school building, 02/04/00.

A30. Center Valley Well House, Hwy. 124, Center Valley, 1940 stone-masonry open well house built by WPA, 09/10/92.

A31. Van Buren County Road 2E Bridge, over tributary of Driver's Creek, Scotland, 1940 open masonry substructure bridge built by WPA, 05/05/95.

A32. Van Buren County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Clinton, 1934 WPA-built Rustic-style structure with Art Deco influences, 05/13/91.

A33. Damascus Gymnasium, Hwy. 285, Damascus, 1933 WPA-built Craftsman-style building, 09/04/92.

A34. Damascus CCC Camp, Co. No. 3781 Historic District, Camp Hill Road, Damascus, 1935-1936 Rustic-style entrance arch, menu board and well, 12/31/02.

A35. Dardanelle Agriculture and Post Office, 103 N. Front St., Dardanelle, 1937 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

A36. Mount Nebo State Park Pavilion, N of Hwy. 155 at MountNeboState Park, Dardanelle vic., ca. 1935 CCC-built recreational facility, 06/01/92.

A37. Spring Lake Recreation Area Historic District, Forest Service Rd. 1602, 1937 recreational facility built by WPA, 09/11/95.

A38. Spring Lake Bridge, Hwy. 307 over Bob Barnes Branch, 1936 masonry arch bridge built by USRA, 06/21/90.

A39. Cove Lake Spillway Dam/Bridge, Hwy. 309 9 miles S of Paris, 1937 WPA-built masonry arch bridge, 09/11/95.

A40. Cove Creek Bridge, Hwy. 309 over Cove Creek, Corley vic., 1936 WPA-built closed spandrel arch bridge, 05/26/95.

A41. Cove Creek Tributary Bridge, Hwy. 309 over Cove Creek tributary, Corley vic., stone arch bridge built in 1936 by WPA, 05/26/95.

A42. American Legion Post #121, Legion Hut Rd. off Hwy. 107, Paris, WPA-built Rustic-style structure erected in 1934, 06/20/95.

A43. Paris Post Office, 206 N. Elm, Paris, 1938 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

A44. Jack Creek Bathhouse, Forest Service Rd. 141 SW of Sugar Grove, ca. 1936 fieldstone and log structure built by CCC, 10/21/93.

A45. Milltown Bridge, County Rd. 77 1.5 miles W of Milltown, 1940 WPA-built masonry arch bridge, 04/06/90.

A46. Jenny Lind Bridge, County Rd. 8 over Vache Grasse Creek tributary near Jenny Lind, 1940 masonry arch bridge built by WPA, 04/06/90.

A47. Maness Schoolhouse, 8801 Wells Lake Rd., Barling, 1937 structure built by WPA with 1943 addition built by German POWs, 05/29/03.

A48. Sebastian County Courthouse/Fort Smith City Hall, 100 S. 6th St., Fort Smith, 1937 structure built by FEAPW and designed in Art Deco variation, 06/08/93.

A49. Coop Creek Bridge, County Rd. 236 at Coop Creek crossing, Mansfield, 1940 open masonry substructure bridge built by WPA, 05/05/95.

A50. Sebastian County Road 5G Bridge, over West Creek tributary, Hartford, 1943 open masonry substructure bridge built by WPA, 05/05/95.

A51. Sebastian County Road 4G Bridge, over tributary of Sugar Loaf Creek, West Hartford, 1940 WPA-built open masonry substructure bridge, 05/05/95.

A52. Scott County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Waldron, 1933-34 Art Deco structure built with WPA labor, 11/13/89.

A53. Poteau Work Center and Residence, off Hwy. 80,Waldron, ca. 1939 CCC-built wood-frame building, 10/20/93.

A54. Cold Spring, County Rd. 93 NE of Waldron, ca. 1936 concrete structure built by CCC, 10/21/93.

A55. Parks School, Hwy. 28, 1940 WPA-built fieldstone school building, 06/06/02.

A56. Powder Magazine, County Rd. 96 N of Blue Ball, ca. 1935 cut-stone and concrete structure built by CCC, 10/20/93.