Northeast Region

B1. Baxter County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Mountain Home, 1941-43 WPA-built structure, 05/26/95.

B2. Old Cotter High School Gymnasium, 412 Powell St., Cotter, 1936-38 structure built by WPA, 09/29/95.

B3. Buford School Building, Hwy. 126, Buford, 1936 WPA-built educational structure, 09/04/92.

B4. Big Flat School Gymnasium, County Rd. 121 S of Hwy. 17, Big Flat, 1938 structure built by NYA, 11/19/93.

B5. Alco School, off Hwy. 66, Alco, 1938 NYA-built structure, 09/04/92.

B6. Mirror Lake Historic District, Forest Service Rd. 1110E, Fifty-Six, contains dam, bridge, observation tower and lake built by CCC in 1940, 09/11/95.

B7. Sugarloaf Fire Tower Historic District, end of Forest Service Rd. 1123 near Calico Rock, collection of 1937 structures built by CCC, 09/11/95.

B8. Calico Rock Home Economics Building, 2nd St., Calico Rock, 1940 NYA-built structure, 09/10/92.

B9. Boswell School, County Rd. 196, Boswell, 1934 WPA-built school, 09/18/92.

B10. Izard County Courthouse, Hwy. 69 at Courthouse Square, Melbourne, Art Deco structure built 1938-40 by NYA, 09/30/93.

B11. Smithville Public School Building, Hwy. 117, Smithville, 1936 fieldstone structure built by WPA, 01/14/93.

B12. Clover Bend Historic District, Hwy. 228, Clover Bend, contains high school (listed on National Register 08/17/83) and other buildings erected 1937-42 in FSA project, 09/17/90.

B13. Randolph County Courthouse, junction of Broadway and N. Marr, Pocahontas, 1940 Art Deco structure erected through WPA, 08/22/96.

B14. Pocahontas Post Office, 109 Van Bibber St., Pocahontas, 1936-37 Art Deco design originally held Depression-era mural, 05/16/02.

B15. Piggott Post Office, 119 N. 3rd St., Piggott, 1937 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

B16. Crowley’s Ridge State Park, Walcott, features Dining Hall, Bathhouse, Comfort Station and Bridge built by CCC around 1935, 05/28/92.

B17. City Hall, 316 W. Hale, Osceola, 1936 WPA-built municipal structure, 08/06/87.

B18. DyessColony Center, Hwy. 297, Dyess, administrative center of 1934 planned agricultural community run by ERA, 01/01/76.

B19. Woman's Progressive Club, Rowena St. and Merriman Ave., Wynne, 1937 civic club building erected by WPA, 03/27/90.

B20. Wynne Post Office, 402 E. Merriman Ave., Wynne, 1936 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

B21. Jess Norman Post 166 American Legion Hut, 222 S. 1st St., Augusta, 1933-34 vernacular log meeting house built through CWA, 10/14/01.

B22. Newport American Legion Community Hut, Remmel Park N of Remmel Ave., Newport, 1934 Rustic-style building assisted by PWA, 12/10/92.

B23. Cedar Creek Bridge, County Rd. 235 over Cedar Creek 1.5 miles S of Hwy. 14, Rosie, 1941WPA-built closed spandrel deck arch bridge, 05/18/95.

B24. Moorefield School, N side of Ham St., Moorefield, 1936-37 NYA-built structure, 09/04/92.

B25. National Guard Armory, 380 S. 9th St., Batesville, 1936 Ozark sandstone structure designed with Art Deco, Gothic Revival influences by architect Peter Blaauw and erected through WPA, 05/29/98.

B26. Dill School, AR 5/25 W side, N of Ida, Ida vicinity, 1938 one-story, stone-constructed building erected by NYA, 08/16/94.

B27. Quitman Home Economics Building, 2nd Ave., Quitman, 1938 WPA-built educational building, 09/04/92.