Central Region

C1. Petit Jean State Park, Winrock vic. on PetitJeanMountain, features three historic districts and nine structures erected around 1935 by CCC, 05/28/92.

C2. Morrilton Post Office, 117 N. Division St., Morrilton, 1936 structure featuring Depression-era mural, 08/14/98.

C3. Plumerville School, Arnold St., Plumerville, ca. 1925 church made into school in 1939 by WPA, 09/10/92.

C4. Menifee High School Gymnasium, N. Park St. and E. Mustang St., Menifee, 1938 WPA-built structure, 06/06/02.

C5. Liberty School Cafeteria, Hwy. 36, Hamlet, 1935 Plain Traditional-style school building erected by WPA, 09/10/92.

C6. Solomon GroveSmith-Hughes Building, S of County Rd. 29,TwinGroves, NYA-built 1938-39 school building of local African-American community, 12/09/94.

C7. Guy High School Gymnasium, Hwy. 25, Guy, 1938 WPA-built structure, 09/10/92.

C8. Guy Home Economics Building, Hwy. 25, Guy, 1936 building erected with WPA labor, 09/10/92.

C9. Beebe Jail, E of junction of N. Main and Illinois Sts., Beebe, 1935 WPA-built jail, 09/13/91.

C10. McRae Jail, E of 1st St., McRae, 1934 WPA jail, 07/20/92.

C11. Griffithville School, Hwy. 11, Griffithville, 1939 WPA Craftsman design, 07/13/92.

C12. Searcy City Hall, Gum and Race, Searcy, 1939 WPA project, 09/05/91.

C13. American Legion Hall, N side of Race St., Searcy, 1939 fieldstone structure built by WPA, 09/13/91.

C14. New Mt. Pisgah School, between Mt. Pisgah and Little Creek north of Searcy, 1938 fieldstone school built by WPA, 07/20/92.

C15. Judsonia High School Gymnasium, W side of Broadman Ave., Judsonia, 1937 WPA-built frame gym, 09/13/91.

C16. Judsonia Community Building Historic District, Judson and 6th, Judsonia, 1939 WPA-built community center, 09/05/91.

C17. Holly GroveSchool, County Rd. 379, StevensCreek, 1939 NYA design, 07/13/92.

C18. Russell Jail, off Elm St., Russell, ca. 1935 WPA-built jail, 07/23/92.

C19. American Legion Hut - Des Arc, 206 Erwin St., Des Arc, 1934 Rustic-style log structure built through WPA, 06/09/95.

C20. Prairie County Courthouse, Magnolia and Pine Sts., DeValls Bluff, 1939 structure built by WPA using materials salvaged from 1910 courthouse, 04/20/95.

C21. Park Hill Fire Station and Water Company Complex, 3417-3421 Magnolia St., North Little Rock, six 1938 structures built by water company and WPA, 11/19/93.

C22. Lamar Porter Athletic Field, 7th and Johnson, Little Rock, 1936 WPA-built baseball field, 12/06/90.

C23. Boyle Park, bounded by 38th St., Dorchester Dr., Covewood Cir., Glenmere Dr., Kanis Rd. and W. 12th St., Little Rock, contains structures built 1935-37 by CCC, 09/22/95.

C24. Camp Ouachita Girl Scout Camp Historic District, S of Hwy. 9 on Hwy. 324 near Thornburg, camp area and lake dating from 1936-38 built by the CCC and WPA, 01/02/92.

C25. Fourche LaFave River Bridge, Hwy. 7 over Fourche LaFave River, Hollis, 1941 open-spandrel, concrete-arch bridge built by Luten Bridge Co. with assistance of FWA, 05/26/95.