Review and Compliance


The AHPP staff participate in the Section 106 Review Process by assisting in the identification and evaluation of cultural resources within the area of potential effects for federal undertakings. Additionally, as a consulting party in the Section 106 process, the AHPP comments on potential effects of undertakings on historic properties. View frequently asked questions about the Section 106 review process.

Other duties fulfilled by the AHPP staff include providing technical assistance to federal and state agencies, city and county governments, Native Americans, archeologists, organizations, and private applicants. The AHPP coordinates the burial permit system to enable the legal excavation of human remains by qualified archeologists. AHPP archeologists and structural staff review National Register nominations. In other areas, the AHPP conducts Section 106 review workshops on archeology and historic preservation law, as well as educational outreach programs on archeology for children and adults. The AHPP has investigated Native American rock art sites, prehistoric novaculite quarries in the Ouachita Mountains, and Confederate saltpeter mining operations in Arkansas caves.